Plugin – Subscription Options
Adding a Social Network

This is how I was able to modify the Plugin “Subscription Options” version 0.4.2 by¬† freedimensionalVisit plugin site

The script itself is very simple and gives some insight into how a plugin works. This Plugin has a Widget. Under the dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets with a Form where you have to enter in your information.

The final result appears up at the top left of the page. The fourth Icon along – is the new very unofficial Sokule ICON I created.

Subscription Options - Dashboard Widget Control

The Dashboard Widget control

This is the control that appears on the Widget Control Page. You’ll notice that there is now an extra field in the Form. The Sokule URL has been added.
I created the ICON using “The Gimp” to copy sokule from the sokule site and then using Inkscape to mask him out and create the completed graphic.
To date there is no official ICON for Sokule in the format all other social networks have. Their graphics department hasn’t got to that bit of their “ToDo List” yet!
To date they have done quite a lot to get to where they are at the moment.

A description of a Plugin

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