Modifying this theme

The theme I’ve chose for this site is called Eximius by

The reason being it’s a simple theme with most of functions I require.

First change – The Font Size

Well I was going to say that you never get a theme with the font size you like and Vice Versa. Which may be the case in a lot of instances, but not to worry.
Changing font size is a very good place to start our Customization.

So let’s do the following. We need to get to the Style Sheet and we do that by logging into the wp-admin ( dashboard ) and selecting “Appearance” ->”Editor”
Dashboard - Edit a Theme

This lesson is going to look bit rough as I also need to add in a few new things to help format the tutorial pages, but that’ll be another lesson. So let’s keep this simple and we can come back to this page as the “before” page.

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