Modifying Themes

This is probably one of the biggest areas of concern I’ve come across with WordPress users. Myself included!

There are so many great templates available, it’s getting better to get one that suits what you are after but there are always those little things that always have you saying to yourself “Gee I wish I could change that.”

Hopefully after you’ve read this ( and it will be on going as I’m updating this live as I modify the theme for another website ) you’ll be a bit more confident.

The hard part is learning the CSS commands but as with anything – practice makes perfect and you can always come back here to read up on any points you’ve forgotten.

'depth' => 0,
‘show_date’ => ”,
‘child_of’ => 8,
‘exclude’ => ” ,
‘include’ => ”,
‘title_li’ => ‘Examples’,
‘echo’ => 1,
‘authors’ => ”,
‘sort_column’ => ‘menu_order, post_title’,
‘link_before’ => ”,
‘link_after’ => ”,
‘exclude_tree’ =>” ); ?>

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