Adding BreadCrumbs

Whats a Breadcrumb I hear you ask.

Well it’s a clever little thing where leaving a trail of breadcrumbs , helps you get back to where you came from. Something Little Red Riding Hood tried to do unsuccessfully.

But on a website, it’s ‘nice’ , well actually it should be expected, to be present. It’s one of those things that makes websites more user friendly. So if you have never heard or seen these before , or had and didn’t know what they were for. Well you should now! I hope.

Let’s try it this way… I’m just looking where I am on the website now so I can make up a demo breadcrumb.
** If you look at the top of the page, you’ll see one there.**

It will look like – Tutorials -> Adding BreadCrumbs
and I’ll just save this, making the parent page to be the tutorial page so this one sits “under” it…

Ok I was close, actually I had turned off the “home” entry in the Breadcrumbs settings…
Anyway, so now we have our breadcrumb looking like…
Home -> Tutorials -> Adding BreadCrumbs

And the last item being the page we are on, isn’t a hyperlink (a link we can click on to go somewhere else).

I’ll take some screen shots of all this ( the setup etc) but it’s bed time…. A site like this takes a bit of work to get setup.

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