Adding an Autoresponder

Now you might want to be able to ask your Visitor to Subscribe to your Newsletter or to be kept updated on any news etc.

This is otherwise known as List Building.

The Plugin isn’t available from the WordPress repository. So you’ll have to go to the website and get the plugin and install it the “ole fashioned” way.

The link for the Autoresponder plugin is – From the site, you can download the zip file, unzip it and upload (FTP) it to ../wp-content/plugins/.

Once you activate this plugin you should go to Settings and you’ll see an entry for the Codebanter Option.

You’ll be presented with a screen, asking you what autoresponder you want to use.

From your Dashboard under Plugins – you should then see the new plugin called CodeBanter’s Optin Box.

From there you can fill in the settings from either AWeber or GetResponse.

To use the plugin, simply use the code { { codebanter_optin } } ( I have had to add spaces between the { and } to stop it displaying the optin box)

The result is the Optin Box you see at the upper right column.

First Attempt

Using the settings as shown in the following screenshot..


Results in the following Form Layout. Remembering that the system lets you copy and paste the webform code generated from either GetResponse of AWeber and extracts the field information it requires.

plugin_codebanter_page_1As you can see, it’s not overly pretty But it does the job for the time being.

When you add anything new, it is always best to test it out, so I’ll do that right now.

So far, so good. The GetResponse default window appeared letting me know it succeeded and what email addresses I should allow if I have any filtering running on my email inbox.

The Confirmation email is taking it’s time though… It’s not completely instantaneous Ahh here it is…

Ok so now we have a working Autoresponder up and running.

We’ll make some changes.

Due to time contraints – I’ll come back here to finish this after a few other “ToDo’s” are completed on this website.

One thought on “Adding an Autoresponder

  1. Kerrian

    I am lost starting from “To use the plugin, simply use the code { { codebanter_optin } } ( I have had to add spaces between the { and } to stop it displaying the optin box)”…..and the rest of them.

    I don’t know how to get {{codebanter_optin}} into my blog….

    Your guidance is not clear.

    Hope U can fine tone and make it clearer into step-by-step.

    Thanks a lot.


    7/Sept/2010 2:26pm (GMT +8:00)

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