The HTML in my Links are being stripped out!

One rather embarrassing thing has just reared it’s ugly head and that’s noticing that all the links in my posts are getting the HTML stripped prior to displaying. So there is a rouge plugin that’s performing some modification to the content before it’s put in front of you. Everythings fine in the DB, the posts are exactly as I have written them, links and all. Unfortunately it’s about 4:30 am here and I’ll have to stare at this with fresher eyes tomorrow. While it’s interesting, in a strange way, it’s just about made my blog useless at the moment… And just when I was link happy giving thanks to everyone in the previous post. After I hunt down the culprit ( the usual suspects ) I’ll report back here. I think I need to add a "Whoops" category now!


I’ve just noticed that this is happening under the "Posts belonging to Category ‘Plugins’" pages. I think that’s my fault!


Well I finally got to delve into where the "code" was misbehaving. The funny thing is that on this current theme, the Categories Widget is using the archive.php file, under /wp-content/themes/eximius. Of course this is the Eximus Theme. Now the archive.php is using the_excerpt() function to display the post and not the_content() function. There is a much better description of what’s going on at It’s time for a theme change anyways now the site is upgraded to WordPress 3.0.

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