Moving a WordPress Site to another server

Moving an already installed WordPress site to another server can seem a daunting task. This requires moving all Files and the Database from the old account to the new account.

Domain Name remains the same

If you are moving the site onto a different server and using the same domain name, then it’s a simple matter to export(backup) the site files and the Database and import them onto the new server. Made much easier if the hosting account has Cpanel.

Moving to a different URL

If the installed version is living on a domain that is different to the one it’s being moved too, then it gets a little more complicated.

WordPress Stores absolute URL’s inside the Database itself so if you change the sites URL, things won’t match up.

There is an easy solution.

The team over at have come up with a little script that performs all the necessary changes for you. You can read more about that, and get the script from

I’ve not yet tried it, but I  will because I’ll soon be moving some of my development sites I have installed on my onto some of my hosting accounts. Plus I’m sure some of my students will want to do the same thing at some stage.

Thanks to the “JustCoded” Team for providing this and some other useful tips on their site.

(I’m not affiliated with JustCoded – I just like what they have done. So if you do get to use them for any projects, I don’t get anything in return.)

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