Is wp_register_widget_control being deprecated?

I’m reading here and there on a few WordPress Codex pages that this function along with it’s mates is going to go the way of the Dodo bird. That’s my interpretation and not a quote.

While that’s fine, the replacement functions – in this case -  register_widget_control,  do not seem to  have the same functionality!

Which makes me wonder… Is there some undocumented way to achieve the same things using these “recommended” functions? Are they frowned upon?

This was noted in a blog I was reading regarding creating Multiple Widgets which also noted that the WordPress Widgets API has a heading for this with a few words but nothing more…

And here I am quoting from

Widgets – One or many

Widgets can be coded so that they can exist one time or they can exist multiple times. WordPress is doing the work for you to instantiate your Widget multiple times if you follow some rules.

And those rules are…… lots of white space on a webpage. Hmm, I must need new glasses or get some fancy filter for my LCD to show “Secret WP Stuff”!

So do I use the ‘wp’ versions and be able to achieve what I want, or do I follow the recommendations and just say “Sorry, I can’t do anything useful like I want to”?

Well, I’m up for the challenge and as long as these “not recommended” functions are there,  I’ll use them. It’s certainly vague, at best, as to what the WordPress Coders have in mind!

The worst thing that can happen is everything breaks! Hmm , I’ve never experienced that before!

Let’s see if  I can get my head around this Multi Widget stuff!

Of course there are other ways to “Skin an animal” – preferrably not a cat!

Addition: I’ve just found that in the resources on the wordpress codex page is the link to the site I’ve been referring to.

You can also Check out the party they had Dec 2009.


Well I have found the reason! The reason is that from WordPress 2.8 and beyond,  multi widget functionality has been implemented using a new class called WP_Widget.

This is explained in the post – Mulit-Widgets



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