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The theme used on this site is called “Eximius by

I’ll be logging any changes that I make here both for my own personal reference for later and to also show you what I did and what you can do if you wish to make changes to this theme or to any other theme,

There are a number of changes…

There are a number of changes I would like to make to this theme .

  1. The listings in the sidebars.
    1. As they are multi level what would be nice is to have the top level item bigger in size.
    2. Reduce the spacing between items.
    3. Change  the colors between levels.
  2. Add a Horizontal bar or have some division between the end of every page preceding the Comment Section.
  3. Add in any other Extra Styles I want to help differentiate the text.

The Style Sheet.

Many of the changes above relate to the Style Sheet. The majority of the Layout and Appearance are controlled by the StyleSheet.

A good website is broken up into a number of “Things”.
Those things being… Content, Functionality and Appearance.
Content is Number 1. A website with crappy or no content isn’t really a website. Not one that people will come back to.

Functionality comes 2nd. A website needs to be functional in the sense of it being Visitor Friendly. It has to allow the visitor to easily navigate around the website. You don’t want your visitor scratching their head wondering how to “Get back” from or “get to” somewhere on your site.

Appearance comes 3rd but not last. The appearance of a site can make it inviting to a visitor or give them massive eyestrain resulting in them vanishing very quickly from your site.

My personal Philosophy on this is to make it clean and simple. Almost to the point of being boring and transparent.To the point where you don’t really think about how the site looks at all.

I’d rather have You at this site, more interested in what you are reading, than sitting back, admiring any pretty graphics.

Grammer Check your grammer. Your Visitor can be put off by one or two badly written sentences. It’s something that rates highly on the “Cringe Factor”. It’s like a verbal slap to the brain. I was never an A Grade English Student but  I hope my sentence structure doesn’t induce a headache!

In Simple terms this means making your pages “Readable”. Have them flowing, to the point and in a structured manner. I’m not saying it’s easy.

The best way to help you is to take a break after you have written something and come back and read it again and see if something doesn’t sound “quite right”.

Getting back to our StyleSheet.

Now the first thing to do is to look through the existing CSS Style Sheet as the author may have already done this. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel. It also gives us an opportunity to see what’s there.

Looking at the WordPress Dashboard – Select — Appearance -> Editor.
This will let us view all the html/php and css files that are used in the Template.

So those are the list of changes ( so far ) that I would make to the Theme itself. All the other “changes” refer to the use of Plugins to give the site added functionality. Plugins do not really concern the appearance of Template itself. So Plugins will be treated differently.

Differentiate a Reference or Extract.

You’ll always be finding that you want to do “something” a little different in your posts. It might be a way to make a small section of your post stand out.
In this blog I’m going to be writing references, extracts maybe. I’ll always be referring to something or someone so it’d be nice to have a style for it.

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