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EasyVideoPress is a new Premium WordPress Plugin that allows you to

  • Easily Publish Any Video on Your Blog
  • Easily Customize the Video
  • Easily Monetize the Video

EasyVideoPress lets you control your Videos

Here is what Easy Video Press could do for you in a nutshell:

Publishing Videos on your Blogs

  • Easy integration with WordPress
  • Video player with support for practically all video formats
  • Supports mp3 playback
  • Supports YouTube playback
  • Supports New Youtube short urls
  • Host videos on your site or Amazon S3
  • Supports low and high quality video
  • Full screen support
  • Show multiple videos on a single page or post or any of the new WordPress taxonomies
  • Can automatically start playing when the page loads

Customizing Videos

  • Overlay the video with an image or flash file throughout the videos (for branding purpose and call to action)
  • Show a cover page before the video plays (for branding and call to action)
  • Option to automatically hide the playback controls
  • Change the size of your videos
  • Change video player control’s colors
  • Hide or show controls
  • All of the above can be done on a video by video basis

Monetizing Videos

  • Share (send to friend) option (not for .swf videos)
  • Overlay can be linked to another web page
  • Redirect to new page when the video or YouTube or sound playback finishes
  • All of the above can be done on a video by video basis

Plus with this plugin, you can also create time-limited, unique download links for zip files, Adobe Acrobat documents, or any file you can store on Amazon S3. You just create a post, use the magic shortcode generator with the "download link" option and that’s it! A protected download link will be created with time limit as well.

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