Adding Style to Plugins

I’m near completion of my latest plugin that requires a little CSS magic.
Being a huge Fan of CSS, I thought it best to check out how it could be done.

I’ll give credit where credit is due.

Thanks goes to  Artem Russakovskii and his post on wordpress-plugin-development-how-to-include-css-and-javascript-conditionally-and-only-when-needed-by-the-posts

And as a follow up from the good folk from the WP Codex – and also regarding a new look on CSS and styling Anchor Tags – the Proper Way…. as shown by Anatoly Lubarsky at

To all of the above, a big thanks. I went from “hey how do you go adding in CSS with a plugin” to having it working in about 20 minutes, including research and dreaming up new stuff.

That’s another step forward in the Plugin “How To’s”.

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