Monthly Archives: September 2009

Just Dusting off the Cobwebs!

It’s Starting!

Phew, it’s been a while in getting here but after a few years out in the desert, we’ve wondered back and starting to bring this website to life.

So please stay with us as we get the cobwebs dusted off.

WordPress is Still Going Strong!

WordPress just keeps getting better. The Admin interface just keeps getting simpler to use. Well that’s my opinion anyway and if it isn’t yours yet, we’ll get that sorted out in no time.

There is much to do, lots of tweaking to perform and you’ll be here, seeing it all happening and learning how it happens. So Stay tuned.

News Letter!

Besides the RSS Feeds which people are still coming to terms with, the good ole email is still a great way for us to stay in touch with each other. We’ll keep you upto date on the latest WP plugins, tricks and tips and of course how to get inside your template and tweak those things you don’t like into something you do like.

No Template is perfect.

The trick is to find one that is close to what you want – to save you some work – and make it your own. It sounds Advanced but in reality, like anything, once you get to learn how it works, you’ll be doing amazing things in not time.

Show off your Blog.

On the drawing board, we’ll be letting our members ( You once you register ) proudly display your new or latest Blog on here. It’s only fair! If we’ve helped you get to where you want it to be – that’s grand. If you’ve just done it and want to show it off anyways, that’s fine too.

We just ask that, the blog be in good taste and we always reserve the right to Not Show your site if we deem it unsuitable. Which is really just for those few who like to mess things up for everyone. That of course, doesn’t mean you!

Ok so we had better get to it.

We’ll get these things happening, recording what we did to do them, so you can do the same.

We’ll also be reviewing other relevant courses / tutorials others have prepared and of course any tools that will help you make your Blog achieve what you wanted it to achieve.

Till then, happy blogging.